The Hibermate sleep mask is a super-comfortable, luxury eye mask with removable ear muffs especially designed for sleep.

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The all new 2014 Hibermate sleep mask with removable ear muffs for sleeping!

The mask is exquisitely luxurious and the ear muffs are very effective at muffling noise. Please note the ear muffs are not as effective industrial muffs or ear plugs. They do take the edge off noise enough for you to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer... We've tried to strike a balance between comfort and sound blocking with the Hibermate!

So take advantage of our 30 Day Guarantee and if it's 'just not for you', send it straight back and we'll cheerfully refund your order upon return. We're very easy going with our returns policy... Postage and handling is a flat rate $9.95.

We do recommend that you do give the Hibermate a few days 'try out', just to get used to it, especially if you've never worn an eye mask before...

$59.95 $99.00